Road Map, on MSNBC

Road Map was a digital international news show for MSNBC which took a deeper look into the news of the week and brought to light stories which might’ve missed the headlines.

You can find here a few notable segments I produced. More videos can be found at

How women got elected in Saudi Arabia


This year’s election in Saudi Arabia was the first in which women were able to run as candidates and cast a vote, and surprisingly, female winners have been declared across the country. Sheikha Al-Sudairy from the Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women details how the voter registration efforts took shape on the ground. To watch, click here.

The global impact of Black Lives Matter


As the movement against police violence increases its visibility, the momentum generated by Black Lives Matter has also had an impact on Palestinian rights activists. Mari Morales-Williams of the Black Youth Project 100 and Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi join to discuss. To watch, click here.

Was the mass killing in Charleston terrorism?


The government classified the South Carolina church shooting as a hate crime, but a growing chorus of people want the mass killing to be considered a terrorist attack. Dean Obeidallah, Brit Bennett, Eric Boehlert, and Ayman Mohyeldin discuss. To watch, click here.



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